Embrace Highway Style in the Ram 1500

At Frey Motors Inc, we appreciate a vehicle that's designed with an eye toward style. When you need a truck that's both powerful and elegant, we're happy to suggest the Ram 1500. With its eye-catching exterior, this popular light-duty pickup truck makes a statement everywhere you go.

As soon as you see the Ram 1500, you'll notice the difference. With its contoured shaping, this truck is aerodynamic for more efficient driving. It even comes with air dams that activate automatically to reduce drag and help you save on fuel.

Want to put your own personal style stamp on your truck? With the Ram 1500, you can select from 16 different wheel designs, each designed to blend performance and aesthetics. Opt for polished aluminum for a classic look, or go with black wheels for a sleek, sporty twist. See your options by test-driving the Ram 1500 at our Lewistown location.


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