Jeep Renegade goes from sidewalk to off-road scenarios without missing a beat. Its sporty appearance, power and smooth handling make it suitable for daily use and extended road adventures. To keep passengers safe on each trip, Renegade offers a suite of impressive safety features. Our Frey Motors Inc team picked two for your info.

Automatic High-Beam Headlights

It's a common courtesy to turn off high beams as oncoming vehicles approach. Just a few years back, turning high beams off/on or flashing them meant removing a hand from the steering wheel. Renegade's Automatic High-Beam feature senses oncoming vehicles during commutes in Lewistown or on the open road, turning high beams on and off as needed.

Easy Access to Roadside Assistance

If a road situation ever calls for roadside assistance, Renegade makes it a cinch to access. One push of the nifty ASSIST button on Renegade's overhead console connects you to help.


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