The Jeep Gladiator is an exciting new truck option from the FCA family that is all new for 2020. Not just because it is the first Jeep branded pickup in over 20 years, but also because it offers so much in a single package that it becomes tough to name a more versatile option for the average buyer.

The Jeep Gladiator takes advantage of all of the upsides of the Jeep Wrangler, then ups the ante with a nicely sized functional truck bed. However, the Gladiator is far from just a Wrangler with an extended wheelbase. The Gladiator sports a reinforced frame and revised suspension geometry to make sure it can haul loads while remaining every bit as capable as it's older sibling. The Gladiator shares it's drivetrain with the Wrangler and most of the interior trim packages and appointments are common. The Gladiator is available with both soft and hard top configurations, both of which are configurable for a custom freedom factor.

The Gladiator is by far one of the hottest new trucks on the market. Let the experts at Frey Motors Inc get you behind the wheel of one today.


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