Express Your Style With the Dodge Challenger

You buy a muscle car for its performance and exterior. After all, you want to be noticed in a sports car. These days, however, interior comfort as just as important. That's where the Dodge Challenger shines. The cabin features of this outstanding sports car make it one of the favorites of both customers and sales associates at Frey Motors.

With the Dodge Challenger, you not only get your choice of high-performance engines. You also get comfortable high-performance seats that fit the contours of your body while also keeping you secure behind the wheel. The look of the seats with their stylish stitching and logos will also impress everyone.

Do you want to express your own style? You'll have no problem with the Challenger, which has an amazing 17 different interiors that you can choose. From retro to ultra-contemporary, you can find the interior design to fit you.



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