If you normally park in locations that have a lot of cars, many pedestrians, and multiple hazards, you'll benefit from owning a Pacifica. While operating it on a busy parking lot, ParkSense and other parking assist tools will help you stay alert.

ParkSense will give you advantages in narrow parking locations. It basically monitors the surroundings and alerts whenever there are obstacles nearby while a rear park assist system uses sensors to detect hazards behind the Pacifica. These tools work well with the Rear Cross Path Detection System, which also relies on sensors. You'll depend on this technology whenever you drive the Pacifica in reverse out of a parking space. If this system detects a car that's several feet away from the Pacifica's bumper, it will provide an alert.

Frey Motors stocks many Chrysler cars, and the new Pacifica is a featured product. We arrange test drives in the Pacifica on roads around our dealership in Lewistown.



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