More Information About The Ram ProMaster Is Waiting For You At Frey Motors

When business is good, the result is more frequent and larger deliveries. Unfortunately, your current work truck isn't up to the task. If a vehicle is required that has a roomy cargo area and ability to carry heavy loads, then the Ram ProMaster deserves a closer look.

The Ram ProMaster present drivers with a number of benefits. Among these is the ability to hold up to 4440 pounds of cargo and total cargo space that reaches 460 cubic feet. The Ram ProMaster also comes with a tow rating of 5100 pounds to increase the flexibility of how it can be used.

To make it more suitable to navigate the streets of Lewistown and to aid drivers around difficult turns, the Ram ProMaster has a 36-foot turning diameter. This length makes it best in its class and the ideal vehicle to use when you have to work with narrow docks and alleyways.



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