The Dodge Grand Caravan Makes Fuel Efficiency a Top Priority

If you're looking for a minivan that is affordable and gets good gas mileage, consider buying the Dodge Grand Caravan. Its tires are made from a material that allows it to roll more smoothly on the ground. This reduces friction and allows the vehicle to use less gas while you drive around in Lewistown.

The Grand Caravan can also detect the best times to shift gears or take other steps to conserve gas. The economizer feature can be activated by pushing a button on the center console. You can keep it on for the entire duration of your trip without damaging the engine or other vital parts.

Alternatively, you can use it when you're trying to squeeze out a few extra miles before having to go the gas station. To learn more about the Dodge Grand Caravan, come to Frey Motors Inc right now to schedule or take a test drive.


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