Dodge Durango Fuel Efficiency Features

The Dodge Durango is a favorable option for drivers who dream of driving something near to the sporty car. This brand can seat seven passengers, it can tow up to 7200 pounds, and is designed with a super-strong body to give a better performance like the rest of Dodge’s lineup. The Durango’s optional 360-hp V-8 provides a mighty towing capacity, while the 293-hp V-6 and eight-speed automatic transmission engines give a more efficient pairing. Indeed, Dodge Durango is among the most popular and reliable mid-sized SUV.

Fuel Efficiency Features

?Crossovers designed with four-cylinders are efficient; however, the power of a Durango V-6 is overwhelming, and it still provides a competitive performance compared to its V-6 rivals. The V8 powered Durango is more fuel efficiency, outperforming its EPA and the lighter models of GMC Acadia V.6 ratings.

With V-8 Durango, it managed a 23 mpg. The V-6 performed a bit lower than its counterpart EPA with a 22-mpg rating.


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