What Are Some of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee's Best Capability Features?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an immensely popular SUV. As such, Jeep has a lot to live up to when releasing a new model. With the 2018 iteration of the vehicle, Jeep opted to add a bevy of useful capability features. This decision is one that benefits the Grand Cherokee's target—adventurers and off-roaders—audience the most. Here are two of our favorite features from the batch.

Jeep is including a version of their UConnect Nav Systems with every model of the 2018 Grand Cherokee. This fully integrated software system allows for drivers to access extremely detailed vehicle diagnostics and transmission temperatures at the swipe of the hand.

Additionally, Jeep has included their Quadra-Lift Air Suspension (QLAS) technology. This technology allows for drivers to customize their ground clearance with only a few button presses, allowing for a maximum height of 10.8 inches and a low of 1.6 inches. Adjustable suspension is an enormous function when packing heavy loads or trying to make clearance in tight spaces.



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