Ram 1500 Safety Features

The Ram 1500 offers impressive handling and a quiet ride, which is part of why it's a popular choice among light-duty pickups. This road warrior has some features, including some for safety and security.

Whether you're carrying people or cargo, Frey Motors knows that safety is important while driving on Lewistown streets. And, we know that Ram 1500 makes safety a priority with the available Surround View Camera. You'll see views from every side of the truck, which means you get to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. These camera angles help with loading and unloading, parking and hooking up a trailer.

Even with amazing all-around views, you can't control other drivers. In the event of a collision, Ram 1500 has six airbags ready to deploy. Front seat airbags include adaptive venting technology for even better protection, which can also give you more peace of mind on the road.



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